The Bull & The Chief at a recent MC show. Great pic Chief!


If you purchased your Moccasin Creek wear, accessories or cds at a concert or from our website feel free to submit your entry photo for the spring / summer contest. Winners will receive a prize, noted in the actual contest which will be posted on Facebook as well as more info on the contest itself.

Also when you order from the store, make sure to check your package closely for possible discount cupons, details on future contests and more. So when you're at your next creek show or get your next package from Creek Merch, make sure to submit your pics.


A young fan at the Dust Bowl in Colorado
Anthony and Daphne in Colorado
Anthony, Karen and the Bull
Ronnie and one of his youngest fans
Jeff and The Chief at a recent show
Valerie and Scott in the green room
Valerie and Scott w/ Jeff @ The Barn in Sanford, FL
Jessica posing with Jeff at a recent show
Hillbilly Rockstar Giveaway
June 2015 Contest Winner
All smiles in her new MC tank
Showing off my Creek gear!
April '15 Contest Winner
After a Creek Show
"Hillbilly Rock Star!"
The Bull and The Bandits
Lil' Country Girl
Hangin' with the Creek in Dallas, Tx.
Good Times
Two Moccasin Creek fans: pre-show

Two Creek fans pre-show (edited for the Fan Cam)

Enjoying his first Moccasin Creek show
Team Heith gone wild at a recent show
Partying with the Creek at a recent show
Middle Finger in the Air!

Submit a photo of yourself with your new Creek Gear, whether at your home, work, a concert or at play. Once we receive a minimum number of submisisons we will have a drawing from those submissions to receive the advertised contest item for that particular drawing. Other details will be posted on Facebook.

Please send the photo in a minimum of 800 pixels width or height. Sending the full size photo is fine as well and we'll resize it as needed.

By submitting a pic to our customer service email:, you are giving us permission to enter you in one or more of the Fan Appreciation Contests. Your entry is vaild throughout the length of the contest(s) in question. Feel free to send in multiple photos if you'd like. Once a winner is chosen they will be removed from the drawings for a period of 2 months or the next contest, whichever comes first.

Along with the photo make sure you send your name / nickname, comments (where pic was taken etc.) as you'd like them posted on the site and shared with other Creek Fans such as: "Indiana concert, partying with Moccasin Creek", "Checking out my new WTF t-shirt" etc.

Also, share your photo on your FB page or other social media of your choice and make sure to tag the Official Moccasin Creek Facebook page as well.

Note: Random Moccasin Creek concert photos can be submitted regardless of contest entries or not.



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